Real-time water quality sensors installed at wild swimming locations

Real-time water quality sensors are being deployed at wild swimming locations and beaches across southern England. This initiative aims to provide swimmers with immediate information about potential health risks associated with polluted water.

The rollout follows a successful pilot study at Warleigh Weir near Bath, where an AI-based system demonstrated an impressive 87% accuracy rate in predicting high bacterial levels. This breakthrough showcases the potential of IoT and AI...

VTOL pioneer Lilium signs record-breaking deal

German electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft manufacturer Lilium has signed a binding sales agreement with Saudia Group for 50 Lilium Jets, with options for an additional 50.

The deal – signed at Lilium's headquarters near Munich – marks the largest of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and represents the largest reported firm order of eVTOL aircraft by an airline planning to operate them.

The agreement – which follows a...

UnaBiz aims to revolutionise asset tracking with Sigfox Atlas Sparks

UnaBiz, a leading IoT service provider and integrator, has announced the launch of the Sigfox Atlas Sparks beta. This geolocation service is set to transform asset tracking in the supply chain and logistics sector, building upon the success of their previous offering, Sigfox Atlas Wifi ML.

The IoT landscape has long grappled with the challenge of cost-effectively tracking large fleets of assets while maintaining high accuracy. Sigfox Atlas Sparks addresses this issue head-on by...

Lee House, IoT83: Exploring the state of IoT applications across industries

CEO of IoT83 explores the state of IoT applications across industries

The IoT promises enhanced levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation across industries. However, transforming this concept into reality has been challenging, with many companies still struggling to fully leverage the potential of IoT technologies.

Lee House, founder and CEO of IoT83, dives into how the Internet of Things ecosystem is changing, highlighting the critical role of platforms like Flex83 from IoT83 in moving beyond mere connectivity. With nearly a decade of...

LG strengthens IoT portfolio with Athom purchase

LG has acquired an 80 percent stake in Athom, a Netherlands-based smart home platform company, with plans to purchase the remaining 20 percent within three years.

The acquisition will integrate Athom's extensive connectivity capabilities, which link thousands of appliances, sensors, and lighting devices, with LG's generative AI-enabled ThinQ platform. This combination is expected to create an AI home that delivers personalised environments tailored to customer...

Samsung tackles grid stability with smart home energy system

Samsung has unveiled a new demand response program for its SmartThings platform, aiming to connect smart homes to the power grid and automatically reduce energy consumption during peak demand periods. The initiative – called Flex Connect – is currently available in New York and California and works in conjunction with SmartThings Energy, the company's energy management solution.

Flex Connect leverages SmartThings' AI Energy Mode to automate how connected devices and appliances...

European autonomous vehicles to receive Japanese boost

The European autonomous vehicle industry will enjoy a technological leap with the introduction of cutting-edge automotive camera technology from Japan.

TIER IV is bringing its advanced automotive-grade camera series to the European market, promising enhanced reliability, accuracy, and range across various operating domains.

TIER IV's C1 and C2 cameras are designed to deliver exceptional image quality for autonomous vehicles, even in challenging lighting conditions. These...

Waymo’s robotaxis now hailable by anyone in San Francisco

Waymo, the autonomous vehicle technology company, has announced that its robotaxi service is now available to the general public across San Francisco.

Waymo One, the company's ride-hailing service, has opened its doors to anyone in San Francisco after years of careful scaling and testing. The service operates 24/7 throughout the city, offering rides in fully autonomous, all-electric vehicles.

The expansion comes after Waymo has successfully provided tens of thousands of...

ARX raises €9M to fill NATO’s robotics gap

ARX Robotics, a manufacturer of scalable robotic systems for defence and commercial applications, has successfully closed a €9 million seed funding round, marking the largest seed funding round to date for a European DefenceTech company.

ARX aims to address a critical gap in Europe's and the Western Allies' autonomous unmanned systems, essential for future-proofing armed forces in a rapidly-evolving landscape. ARX robotic systems provide a robust and scalable solution designed...

Wialon launches IoT Project of the Year 2024 competition

Wialon has kicked off its annual IoT Project of the Year competition for 2024, a global contest that celebrates the most cutting-edge projects from around the world.

The IoT Project of the Year competition provides a unique platform for companies utilising telematics and IoT technologies to showcase their innovative solutions.

Wialon aims to promote the adoption of modern tools across industries to solve key business challenges. It also creates an opportunity for IoT...