IBM announces new Watson IoT headquarters, API capabilities

IBM announces new Watson IoT headquarters, API capabilities
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IBM has announced that the global headquarters for its new Watson IoT business unit and its first European Watson innovation centre will be in Munich, Germany. The campus will have 1,000 consultants, researchers, developers and designers from IBM, working with partners and clients for deeper engagement.

The innovation lab will have programmers, engineers and data scientists developing new connected solutions that combine the IoT and cognitive computing. The centre will drive innovation collaborations between IBM and clients and partners, possibly creating new IoT growth opportunities.

IBM will deliver services and Watson APIs on the Watson IoT Cloud Platform in order to speed up the development of cognitive IoT services and solutions. As a result, a number of IoT partners, academia, startups and clients will be able to directly access the open, cloud-based Watson IoT platform to create, develop and test next-generation IoT apps, solutions and services. Industries will significant applications include insurance, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, electronics and automotive manufacturing.

Meanwhile, IBM has also opened eight Watson IoT Client Experience centres in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The centres are located in Texas, North Carolina and Massachusetts in the US; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Böblingen, Germany; and Beijing, China. They offer clients and partners access to the talent, tools and technology for creating new services and products with cognitive intelligence from the Watson IoT Cloud Platform.

IBM also announced that Siemens Building Technologies has become a new ecosystem partner, working on bringing advanced analytics capabilities and IBM's IoT solutions to develop the Navigator platform for building energy management and sustainability.

Additionally, four Watson API service families have been made available as part of a new IBM Watson IoT Analytics offering. These new services include the Natural Language Processing (NLP) API Family, Machine Learning Watson API Family, Video and Image Analytics API Family and Text Analytics API Family.

The NLP API family enables the use of NLP for users to interact with devices and systems using human language. NLP correlates natural-language commands with other data sources in order to put it into context and understand the intent.

The Machine Learning API family constantly monitors new user interactions and data in order to rank results and data based on learned priorities, thereby automating data processing. This can be applied to any form of data from sensors and devices. It can be used to monitor current conditions, compare expected trends and properties to monitor, and suggest actions to take in case of any issue.

The Video and Image Analytics API allows users to monitor unstructured data, such as that from image snapshots and video feeds, in order to identify patterns. When combined with the machine data, this knowledge can help better understanding emerging and past situations.

The Text Analytics API can mine unstructured textual data such as maintenance technical logs, tweets, blog comments and customer call transcripts in order to identify patterns.

Harriet Green, general manager, Watson IoT and Education, said: "The Internet of Things will soon be the largest single source of data on the planet, yet almost 90% of that data is never acted upon."

"With its unique abilities to sense, reason and learn, Watson opens the door for enterprises, governments and individuals to finally harness this real-time data, compare it with historical data sets and deep reservoirs of accumulated knowledge, and then find unexpected correlations that generate new insights to benefit business and society alike."

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