Machina Research gives its verdict on IoT developments at MWC

Machina Research gives its verdict on IoT developments at MWC
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This year’s Mobile World Congress saw low power wide area (LPWA) networks become a key development point for the IoT while mobile network operators (MNOs) are expanding their strategic intent, according to analysts at Machina Research.

The purview of MWC now extends beyond the mobile industry and now covers the likes of a much wider ecosystem of operators, technology players, service professionals, developers and customers, according to Machina.

Low-power, wide-area (LPWA) networks is a key development point for the IoT as 3GPP finalised Release 13 standards. Specialised LPWA players – SIGFOX, Ingenu, and LoRa partners – are witnessing worldwide growth. The standardisation of NB-IoT and LTE-M is critical to narrowing the prospects for these competing technologies.

Meanwhile, mobile network operators are expanding their strategic intent in order to generate business value, according to the analysts. MNOs argued that IoT growth remained strong in 2015 and many are looking to increase focus in this area. Concerns for global leaders include analytics, security, e-SIM and to a lesser extent 5G and NFV/SDN. As competition grows, MNOs are looking to boost their offerings that will help them generate more business value.

IT players, on the other hand, are focusing on expanding the use of their platforms. Big players such as Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Cisco, and HPE are looking to grow IoT ecosystems and platforms. Additionally, companies such as Accenture, IBM, SAP, Tata and others were showcasing their IoT and analytics solutions that provide integration capabilities.

One of the key changes in thoughts about the IoT was the fact that the purview of the ‘IoT’ extends beyond physical things. Data management was another key topic of discussion at MWC. The researchers argue that while players are now able to channel data from devices into back-end systems, the sticky point remains who will generate business value from the data or who is the broker.

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