Software AG’s 2017 IoT predictions: Chatbots, smart buildings, and more

Software AG’s 2017 IoT predictions: Chatbots, smart buildings, and more
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2017 will be the year of the chatbot while architects will need to turn to hardware and software vendors to gain a better understanding of their needs, according to predictions issued from German firm Software AG.

Bart Schouw, Internet of Things solution director at Software AG, said, “There is a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things and especially increased device-to-device communication. Much of this mobile, virtual and instantaneous connectivity is built on seamless integration, cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors – building new ‘Smart Things.’ And all of this is going to make our lives easier and more efficient.”

The capabilities of artificial intelligence are growing at a fast rate and chat engines are becoming advanced, the company argues. Chat engines will not only answer requests, but will engage people in conversations in their choice of language, withstanding the Turing test for a minute or longer. Banks, retailers and other industries will use chatbots to enhance customer experience, while support organisations will embrace Chatbots to solve simple service requests in a cost-effective way.

As organisations have started to move critical analytics off of the cloud and closer to devices, there is a transition in the industry towards edge computing. In smart factories or in remote areas where there are a number of IoT-enabled devices and the dependency on the analytics is high, even internet disconnection for a short while can cause problems. Moving part of the IoT stack from the cloud onto gateways will be the way forward.

Insurance companies will start using smart devices to monitor their customers, Software AG adds. The end behaviour of the customer will influence the price of the insurance premium. Insurance is a prime example where more and more companies feel confident enough to explore new business models: pay-per-use, pay-per-insight and pay-for-features will be gaining mindshare. Future games will embrace dynamic locations, and smart objects will be able to alter the interaction with your game directly. Surroundings will become more responsive and interactive, laying the artificial world on top of the physical world. Interested in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this and sharing their use-cases? Attend the co-located IoT Tech Expo, Blockchain Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo World Series with upcoming events in Silicon Valley, London and Amsterdam and explore the future of enterprise technology.

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