IoT devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous – but most consumers don’t know what IoT means

IoT devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous – but most consumers don’t know what IoT means
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70% of consumers polled by Metova already own at least one IoT device – yet less than one in five said they were well aware of what the term Internet of Things means.

Metova, a US-based provider of mobile, connected car, connected home and IoT solutions, has revealed the results of a survey that polled over 1000 consumers regarding their opinion on IoT and connected home technologies.

84% of those polled wish to track their utility usage in real-time with connected devices – moreover, if given an option, these people would opt for a utility provider over a competitor based on that ability. People are more interested in smart products like smart thermostats and smart home retrofit devices and least interested in products, such as smart bike locks. Almost half of the consumers are moderately to very much concerned about privacy issues associated with connected devices.

Jonathan Sasse, CMO at Metova, said: “Connected devices and real-time monitoring of water, gas and electrical usage have shifted from a novelty to necessity. Whether they know it or not, consumers have made the leap to the Internet of Things in and outside of their homes, yet businesses are often unsure of how to approach digital transformation in order to leverage this new realm.”

Another study, titled ‘IoT Consumer Confidence Report: Challenges for Enterprise Cloud Monitoring on the Horizon’, conducted by American software firm Dynatrace earlier this month, surveyed 10,000 consumers across the world. They survey shows that though consumers are fascinated by IoT devices, almost two thirds of the public admit of having encountered performance issues with their connected devices, along with vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Self-driving vehicles are the point of concern when it comes to security; 85% of the surveyed people doubt the proper functioning of these vehicles. Furthermore, 72% believe that software issues in these autonomous cars would cause serious injuries and fatalities. Whereas 84% said that they will not use these cars as they fear malfunction. in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this and sharing their IoT use-cases? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London and Amsterdam to learn more.

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