Software AG announces acquisition of TrendMiner to expand IoT portfolio

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Software AG has announced the acquisition of TrendMiner, a firm that delivers discovery, diagnostic and predictive analytics software for the process industry.

With this acquisition Software AG is aiming to strengthen its pole position in the IoT market. The plug-and-play software from TrendMiner will play a crucial role after its deployment in Software AG’s Cumulocity Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 product portfolio.

According to Karl-Heinz Streibich, the CEO of Software AG, TrendMiner provides an ideal fit into the firm’s Cumulocity IoT portfolio. He said that the firm is in a phase of dynamic market development for IoT applications. “Together with TrendMiner, we will be able to offer a leading streaming and visual time-series analytics platform – a unique combination,” he added.

Bert Baeck, CEO and co-founder of TrendMiner, said: “At TrendMiner, we share Software AG's vision for enabling organisations to fundamentally leverage the connected world. We believe every industry, but especially manufacturing and process industries, will be significantly transformed in this Internet of Things era. We are very excited with the opportunity to leverage the resources and proven IoT portfolio that Software AG delivers.”

At the 2018 IoT Tech Expo in London, Software AG’s SVP of IoT Bernd Gross, gave a few insights on how to not become another statistic. According to Gross, the IoT industry is at a stage where the attention is moving towards deployment. He said: “After many years of piloting, proof of concepts… we’re now seeing real commercial products.” Gross suggests a balanced approach while adopting the IoT within a certain project with three important stages – Data-driven actions, data-driven process integration, and the last one, learn and innovate.

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