Alibaba Cloud ramps up IoT partnerships for adoption and turnkey solutions

Alibaba Cloud ramps up IoT partnerships for adoption and turnkey solutions
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Libelium, a manufacturer of wireless network devices, has joined hands with Alibaba Cloud to deliver connectivity via the Meshlium IoT Gateway, which will help organisations to leverage Libelium's sensor network platform with Alibaba's cloud computing solutions to expedite IoT adoption.

Enterprises will be provided with compelling solutions by Alibaba Cloud that will help them meet their cloud computing requirements. Additionally, enterprises will also be able to extend their IoT projects owing to interoperability that provides Meshlium to connect the data gathered by the Libelium's sensor networks with Alibaba Cloud's scalable cloud infrastructure.

Both companies are dedicated to jointly foster new partners to deliver new applications and packaged IoT solutions to sell at The IoT Marketplace, which is the only online store that offers complete Internet of Things solutions ready to deploy smart applications including hardware, software and cloud connection, allowing customers to try solutions and visualise how to scale them in an economical manner.

California-based myDevices, Inc. has partnered with the IoT Business Unit of Alibaba Cloud to offer turnkey IoT solutions. myDevices will exploit Alibaba Cloud’s existing reseller distribution network to market and sell IoT in a Box solutions in China. These enterprise-ready IoT Solutions, powered by myDevices, combine an Ethernet or cellular connected gateway, over 95 sensor types, device management, LinkWAN network server, and an iOS/Android mobile application that provides key features for remote monitoring such as automating sensor data recordings, email and SMS text alerts, and reporting.

The myDevices ‘IoT in a Box solutions’ provide hospitals, pharmacies, food processor distributors, education facilities, restaurants, and more the ability to automate temperature and humidity monitoring, which help them save a significant amount of money. in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this and sharing their IoT use-cases? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London and Amsterdam to learn more.

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