Advanced battery solutions for automotive electronics

The development of big data and 5G has given rise to vehicle-to-everything. However, the particularity of onboard applications put forward more stringent requirements for battery supply (As shown in Table 1).

(Table 1: Battery requirements for different fields)

As a core brand in the lithium battery industry, EVE continues to make efforts in the field of automotive electronics, providing a variety of battery solutions for automotive electronics, which include coin-type and...

Comprehensive lithium battery solutions for smart security

Under the rapid development trend of the IoT and artificial intelligence industry, smart security has gradually replaced traditional security and become the main development mode of the industry. EVE is committed to creating a safer and more reliable lithium battery solution.

Relying on long-term research on application modes such as Bluetooth, LoRa, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, and ZigBee, EVE's products are widely used for smart motion sensors, smart door sensors, flammable gas detectors,...