Delphi joins BMW, Intel and Mobileye in connected car cooperation

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Delphi is to join BMW, Intel and Mobileye as a development partner and system integrator for its autonomous driving platform partnership.

Their intention is joint deployment of a cooperation model to deliver and scale developed solutions to the broader OEM automotive industry and potentially other industries.

Delphi, who had earlier worked for the BMW Group on prototype compute platform, is currently working on areas of perception, sensor fusion and high performance automated driving computing with Intel and Mobileye.

The cooperation partners had come together in July 2016 to realise their conceptualisation of autonomous-driving vehicles, make advancements in technologies pertaining to autonomous-driving vehicles and to bring into series their production by 2021. They have developed a scalable architecture which can be used by other automotive developers to pursue state-of-the-art designs and create differentiated brands.

Delphi will play a vital role in integrating the solution delivered by the Cooperation Partners into OEM vehicle architectures. Delphi may also provide required hardware components, specific customisation efforts and applications for differentiation. The association between Delphi and the cooperation partners is non-exclusive.

Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, said: “The joint teams are on path to deliver 40 pilot cars in second half of this year. Adding Delphi as an integration partner will help to accelerate the introduction of autonomous cars on the streets from multiple carmakers and offer differentiation to customers.”

Kevin Clark, president and CEO of Delphi, said: “This is a great opportunity for Delphi to use its technical depth and experience with automated driving and electrical architecture to help the cooperation develop and deploy at scale.”

Picture credit: Intel

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