European autonomous vehicles to receive Japanese boost

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The European autonomous vehicle industry will enjoy a technological leap with the introduction of cutting-edge automotive camera technology from Japan.

TIER IV is bringing its advanced automotive-grade camera series to the European market, promising enhanced reliability, accuracy, and range across various operating domains.

TIER IV’s C1 and C2 cameras are designed to deliver exceptional image quality for autonomous vehicles, even in challenging lighting conditions. These cameras boast a high dynamic range of 120 dB and anti-reflective coatings, ensuring reliable imaging data acquisition in any environment.

The C1, a 2.5 MP high dynamic range camera, offers top-tier image quality and reliability. It features LED flicker mitigation to handle varying light conditions from traffic signals, signs, headlights, and taillights, thereby improving operational efficiency. The camera utilises a GMSL2 output interface for high-quality imaging with high bandwidth and low latency.

Building on the C1’s capabilities, the C2 camera maintains its performance while increasing resolution to 5.4 MP. This upgrade enables object recognition at greater distances and with a wider field of vision, further enhancing the autonomous vehicle’s perception capabilities.

Both cameras are compatible with Autoware, TIER IV’s open-source autonomous driving operating system. The company provides camera drivers, ROS drivers, and multiple applications as open-source software, facilitating seamless integration into vehicle architectures.

TIER IV has optimised these cameras for reliability and performance in diverse and challenging environmental conditions, offering high-precision imaging, robust sensor fusion capabilities, and real-time data processing.

In Europe, TIER IV’s automotive-grade cameras will be distributed exclusively by Digiflec—a UK supplier of autonomous imaging technologies, 3D Lidar sensors, and digital services.

Teng Hoong Swee, VP of Global Business Development and Strategic Partnerships/Alliances at TIER IV, said: “This partnership with Digiflec marks a significant step forward for TIER IV in expanding our reach within the European market. We’re impressed by Digiflec’s expertise and extensive network and are confident they’ll be a valuable partner in bringing our advanced camera solutions to a wider audience.”

TIER IV has already established a strong reputation in the automotive camera market, with supply agreements in place with several OEMs, including Toyota. The company’s advanced cameras are currently operational in autonomous buses, robotics, and manufacturing applications across Asia and the US.

Steven Gillan, Director at Digiflec, commented: “TIER IV’s cameras perfectly complement our existing product portfolio, offering exceptional performance for long distance imaging in automotive applications. For the first time ever, all organisations will have direct access to automotive-grade HDR cameras on the open market.”

The introduction of TIER IV’s camera technology to the European market will help to accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles in the region. Advanced imaging solutions like those offered by TIER IV will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of self-driving vehicles.

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