Lee House, IoT83: Exploring the state of IoT applications across industries

CEO of IoT83 explores the state of IoT applications across industries

Lee House, IoT83: Exploring the state of IoT applications across industries As a tech journalist, Zul focuses on topics including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and disruptive technology in the enterprise industry. He has expertise in moderating webinars and presenting content on video, in addition to having a background in networking technology.

The IoT promises enhanced levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation across industries. However, transforming this concept into reality has been challenging, with many companies still struggling to fully leverage the potential of IoT technologies.

Lee House, founder and CEO at IoT83

Lee House, founder and CEO of IoT83, dives into how the Internet of Things ecosystem is changing, highlighting the critical role of platforms like Flex83 from IoT83 in moving beyond mere connectivity. With nearly a decade of experience at GE, House is deeply immersed in the IoT world and has observed its evolution from a novel concept to its current state of early majority adoption, alongside ongoing challenges. However, despite significant progress, many businesses still encounter persistent obstacles.

As we stand at the midpoint of 2024, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the predictions made at the end of 2023 and examine how they align with the current realities of the IoT landscape. The emerging picture is one of stark contrasts.

“We are living in two worlds. On the one hand, companies that have successfully deployed industrial IoT solutions are seeing very real differentiation and competitive advantage directly tied to their IoT deployments,” House emphasises.

“But on the other hand, per McKinsey, some 70% of IoT implementations still completely fail to meet business expectations.”

This dichotomy between successful adopters and struggling implementers, enhanced by the latest advancements in edge computing and AI integration, presents both significant challenges and immense opportunities in the IoT sector. House’s insights offer valuable perspectives for businesses aiming to navigate this complex landscape and leverage the power of IoT to secure a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital marketplace.

You can watch our full interview with Lee House below, where he delves deeper into the state of IoT for 2024 and beyond, and discusses what to expect in the future:

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