Nreal brings its Air AR glasses to the US, now with iOS support

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Nreal has launched its Air augmented reality glasses in the US, and now they play nicely with iOS.

The company’s Nreal Air glasses have been available in the UK since May. When it launched, the glasses featured Android support and could mirror the screens of laptops but anyone in the Apple ecosystem was left out of the AR party.

Nreal is shipping a new adapter for its US launch that offers mirroring for iOS devices. Users of Android devices will still have access to the full experience through Nebula, a launcher that enables software to run natively on the glasses, while iOS users are limited to screen mirroring.

A macOS version of the Nebula launcher is also being launched – albeit only for Macs packing M-series processors – which allows multiple displays to be projected around your laptop, if desired.

Streaming content is still the best use of AR glasses. Especially while travelling on a plane, the glasses enable the wearer to have an experience like they’re sitting in front of a private large-screen TV instead of having to rely on whatever content is available on the small back-of-headrest systems (where available).

Being AR glasses, the content is projected in front of the user without blocking the rest of their vision. This helps to keep situational awareness for when the food cart rolls past.

Nreal expects the glasses to last for five hours when streaming continuously via the Air Casting feature. That’s double the more expensive Nreal Light glasses while also being 25 percent lighter.

The sacrifices from the Light to the Air are that spatial movement has been reduced to three degrees of freedom (DOF) from six degrees, and there are no front-facing or computer vision cameras.

The company also boasts that the Nreal Air is the only XR product to have been granted TUV Rheinland’s Blue Light Blocking, Flicker Free, and Eye Comfort certifications.

Nreal Air is available on Amazon starting today for $379. The iOS adapter is available separately for $59.

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