Samsung to elevate smart homes with GenAI-powered Bixby

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Samsung aims to elevate smart homes by revamping its AI-powered voice assistant Bixby with generative AI.

During its recent IFA 2023 press conference, Samsung unveiled its plans to breathe new life into Bixby by upgrading it with advanced generative AI capabilities that will feature in all future smart home appliances.

Generative AI – as seen in popular tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Google Bard – enables systems to understand complex sentences and provide multifaceted responses. Unlike current-generation Bixby-powered devices, the enhanced Bixby will adeptly decipher intricate sentences with multiple meanings.

Initially, the upgraded Bixby is set to debut on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets.

Miyoung Yoo, VP of Samsung Electronics’ Home Appliances Division, said: “All of Samsung Electronics’ smart home appliances will feature AI capabilities, including water purifiers equipped with core AI functions.

“Our objective is to transcend mere connectivity and empower smart home appliances to deliver tailored solutions by recognising customers’ lifestyles and learning their patterns.”

Yoo envisions that future smart home appliances will evolve beyond basic functions, offering customised operations based on user behaviours and preferences. However, it’s important to note that this enhanced Bixby will not directly compete with heavyweight AI services like ChatGPT or Google Bard.

“While generative AI often brings to mind services like ChatGPT, we are not aiming for such heavyweight performance. Even if users don’t issue specific commands, Bixby will grasp the context of the conversation, facilitating more natural interactions,” added Yoo.

In addition to enhancing Bixby, Samsung is also introducing Tizen RT—a lightweight version of its Tizen OS that is purpose-built for smart home appliances.

Samsung’s Tizen OS already boasts an impressive user base, with over 15 million devices operating on it. This number is projected to reach 20 million by the end of the year.

The enhanced Bixby – along with Tizen RT integration – aims to transform smart homes into hubs of intelligence and convenience, where appliances understand and cater to user needs to create a truly connected and personalised living environment.

Further insights into the upcoming iterations of Bixby, Tizen, and Tizen RT may be unveiled during the Samsung Developer Conference 2023 event scheduled for 5 October 2023.

(Image Credit: Samsung)

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