Glasgow aims to become Europe’s largest IoT hub

A new partnership between the UK Government, Glasgow City Council, and the Smart Things Accelerator Centre (STAC) aims to transform Glasgow into Europe's largest IoT innovation hub.

The collaboration centres around a £2.5 million investment into a state-of-the-art 250-desk facility named "thebeyond" at SkyPark, Finnieston in Glasgow. The facility will serve as an accelerator for Glasgow's burgeoning IoT industry.

Partners believe Glasgow can become a global leader in...

UK launches £40M fund to drive local IoT and 5G innovation

The UK is launching a £40 million fund aimed at enhancing digital connectivity and fostering the development of advanced wireless technologies.

Local areas nationwide will be empowered to create smarter and more connected communities, with potential applications ranging from futuristic farming to cutting-edge healthcare solutions, all made possible by the IoT and 5G connectivity.

Starting today, local and regional authorities can submit applications to secure a portion...