Telefónica Tech and ARME establish a robotics hub

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Telefónica Tech has partnered with the Spanish Mobile Robotics Association (ARME) to establish a mobile robotics technology hub.

The purpose of the collaboration is to create an environment where companies from the technology and industrial sectors can collaborate on research, innovation, and co-creation of solutions to advance the field of robotics.

The mobile robotics technology hub will be housed within The ThinX, Telefónica Tech’s IoT and Big Data applied technology laboratory, which is renowned for its advanced and well-equipped technological infrastructure. Additionally, a separate test area spanning 200 square meters will be available at the DTA facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz.

Elena Gil Lizasoain, Global Director of Product and Business Operations for IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech, said:

“The creation of this mobile robotics hub will allow us to share knowledge and expand our capabilities in this field to develop the most innovative robotic solutions in demand in the market that help companies to digitally transform and gain in efficiency.”

By joining forces, Telefónica Tech and ARME aim to enable businesses to conduct real-world robotic simulations in this space before implementing large-scale deployments.

The two institutions will cooperate in integrating technologies related to communications, robots, navigation and localisation, and software. These technologies will be supplemented by others such as cloud capabilities, edge computing, cybersecurity, AI, and blockchain.

Javier Miguélez, President of ARME, commented:

“We see the creation of the international mobile robotics technology hub as a key step towards Spain’s leadership in the world of mobile robotics.

The hub will generate more and better technological developments in our country. It will also attract foreign companies, promoting employment in a key sector for our future.”

Miguélez expects the sector to experience a compound annual growth rate of more than 10 percent over the next five years, generating technological advancements and employment opportunities within the country.

The establishment of this international mobile robotics technology hub has several objectives. 

Firstly, the hub seeks to promote learning and employment opportunities in the field of robotics. By fostering knowledge sharing and providing access to specialised human resources, the hub aims to meet the future demands of consumers for robotic solutions while promoting environmental sustainability.

Moreover, the hub is expected to attract international mobile robotics companies to Spain. ARME will assist these companies by offering access to specialised talent in mobile robotics and providing legal support for the creation of subsidiaries of foreign companies in Spain.

With Telefónica Tech and ARME’s joint efforts, Spain is poised to make significant strides in mobile robotics, driving innovation and creating a vibrant ecosystem that attracts both domestic and international players in the industry.

(Image Credit: Telefónica)

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