On-Demand Relimetrics Presentation: Enabling Zero-Defect Manufacturing with AI-Accelerated Machine Vision

This exclusive panel discussion appeared during IoT in Manufacturing Congress 2021 which took place in May 2021. This was a virtual event exploring the world of IoT in manufacturing. For more exclusive on-demand recordings from the event, click here or view the full agenda here. To watch this video on-demand, please click the button below.

The session will explore:

  • Existing QA automation solutions today are not sufficiently accurate, difficult to implement and reconfigure, leading to low ROI.
  • Relimetrics software allows anyone to train AI based machine algorithms and deploy them at scale without writing a single line of code.  
  • Relimetrics uses available streams of data in production together with digitized quality data to close the loop in production, enabling zero defect manufacturing. 


Kemal Levi, PhD, Founder and CEO, Relimetrics